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CINE 385 - Spanish Cinema

SPAN 386
401 |Michael Solomon |TR 10:30am-12pm |WILL 216

This course offers an introduction and overview of the cinema from Spain.  We track the thematic, technical, and stylistic development of Spanish cinema from its first manifestations in the late 19th century to the present. The course has been designed to introduce students to fundamental cinematic concepts, movements, and theories as well as provide a historical context for the required feature-length films. The course concludes with an overview of recent developments in new media and participatory cinema. Required screenings include films by Segundo de Chomón (Slippery Jim), Luis Buñuel (Un Chien AndalouTierra sin pan),  Luis Berlanga (Bienvenido Mr. Marshal), Juan Antonio Bardem (Muerte de un ciclista), Carlos Saura (La caza), Victor Erice (El Espítitu de la Colmena), Narciso Ibáñéz Serrador (¿Quien puede matar un niño?), José Luis Borau (Furtivos), Pilar Miró (Crimen de Cuenca), Pedro Almodóvar (PepeLuciBomLa ley del deseoTodo sobre mi madre), Julio Medem (La ardilla roja), Alex de la Iglesia (El día de la bestia), and Nacho Villalongos (Cronocrímenes). Course requirements include a midterm and a final exam, several short writing assignments, and a final project.

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