International Politics and Film

Elective Courses

CINE 290 - International Politics and Film

INTR 290
601 |Elizabeth Bloodgood-Ames |W 6-9pm

This course examines the portrayal of key events in international politics in popular movies to assess their role in shaping societal recollections of historical events. In particular, we analyze the accuracy of movies’ representation of events and what it means for international relations that movies now teach the masses politics and history. Each session includes a framing lecture, screening of the movie(s) for the week, and discussion of the veracity of the film, commercial and noncommercial motivations, the political and critical impact of the film, and the effect of the film internationally. A range of movies will be included in order to examine changes in political but popular films over time and to compare the representation of different political phenomenon—war, humanitarian emergencies, economic globalization, nuclear proliferation, immigration, and terrorism—in different countries.

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