Cinema and the Other Arts: ICA Seminar

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CINE 300 - Cinema and the Other Arts: ICA Seminar

ARTH 301
001 |Karen Redrobe |R 1:30-4:30pm

A two-semester course, taught in conjunction with the Institute of Contemporary Art. The fall semester provides an intensive introduction to the major issues and movements in contemporary art, focusing this year on film and electronic media, and an overview of contemporary museum and exhibition practices. Frequent field trips to galleries, museums, and private collections. By midyear, participants will have designed an exhibition for installation at the ICA, and they will work in collaboration with the ICA's curatorial staff throughout the spring on every aspect of the show. Registration requires the approval of the instructor, who will interview interested students on Monday, May 3. Preference given to History of Art, Visual Studies, and Cinema Studies majors and minors.

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