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CINE 397 - Cinema Minimo (OFFERED IN SPANISH)

SPAN 397
401 |Michael Solomon |MW 3-4:30pm

This course explores the phenomenon of low budget, no budget, tiny cast, no crew, short duration and made-on-vacation filmmaking in Spain and Latin America. Following a brief history of short films from the early 20th century—including the extraordinary silent work of Segundo de Chomón—this course will investigate the way students and amateur filmmakers have recently taken the camera and editing equipment into their own hands and challenged the tyranny of the feature length film through the electronic dissemination of low cost shorts. During the semester we will view more than one hundred films (30 seconds to 15 minutes in length) covering all genres including horror, melodrama, erotica, comedy, documentary and musical clips. We will study the technical and logistic aspects of on-line film festivals such as (Argentina), and (Spain), while comparing these recent popular cinematographic movements to other minimal formats such as those developed in years past in Mexico (superocheros and narcocinema) and Latin America (Tercer cinema documentary).

prerequisites: SPAN 219

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